My name is Sheryl Aldridge and I’m a health and wellness coach. But I wasn’t always. For many years, I struggled on the rollercoaster of different dieting, emotional eating, over eating, and feeling defeated every time I tried to stick with something. I was extremely ashamed of how I looked and never wanted to go anywhere or wear certain clothes. Then, a friend introduced me to #byebyebelly. At the time, I was trying keto and attempting intermittent fasting. Let’s just say that was a very rocky roller coaster. The #byebyebelly formula changed all of that for me. Within 5 days time, I couldn’t believe the scale. I was literally down 10 pounds. Seeing that gave me a new look on life. By the end of week 2, others had really noticed my change and wanted to know what I was doing.

What makes #byebyebelly formula so effective is that it actually stops your sugar cravings, cuts your appetite and desire for food, increases your energy level AND makes every part of your body feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Once I paired the flat belly fat burning drink mix with the superfoods mix, the real detox tea and slimmer drops, it felt like I had a brand new body. The weight just started falling off more, I no longer craved junk food and my 8 cans of sprite and chocolate anymore and I really started to just come alive.

Conquering this beast of weight loss has helped me in every area of my life. My children constantly tells me how good I look and how they are so glad I have more energy to be with them to do different things. I feel like I am invincible!

And, you can, too!!

Order your kit today and when it arrives, do like I did, and set a reminder on your phone for twice a day every day! Your future self will thank you for it!